My mother always warned me about the boys who will want me for my body, and the boys who will try to change me.
My brother always warned me, about the jerks who won’t ever want me as much as I may want them.
My father always warned me, that I can’t get attached to the people who obviously aren’t going to stay.
But nobody warned me about the boy who would pick up all of my broken pieces and put me back together. Nobody warned me that his smile would cause riots inside of me, out of control. Nobody warned me that his voice would become my new favorite song. Nobody, nobody ever warned me that he would let me fall for him, and step back just in time to watch me hit the ground.
And most of all, nobody ever warned me, that he would walk away, but come back with a box of band-aids and whispered apologies that would heal every scrape and bruise that my fall had caused.